Jul 5, 2023

Propbase Unveils Near Term Development Roadmap for H2 2023 and Highlights Key Accomplishments from H1 2023

Early Traction and Successes achieved by the Propbase Team with Full Platform launch in 2023

Propbase Unveils Near Term Development Roadmap for H2 2023 and Highlights Key Accomplishments from H1 2023

Propbase, established in December 2022, is making remarkable progress at an accelerated pace. We are excited to present our latest Roadmap update as we embark on the second half of 2023, brimming with our IDO in partnership with APlaunch.com and overall platform launch toward the end of the year.

Propbase Achieves Remarkable Key Milestones in Product Development & Early Traction during H1 2023

Licensing and Prospectus Application: We successfully completed licensing and prospectus application, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and setting a solid foundation for our operations.

Propbase Demo: Our dedicated team invested over 2,000 hours of development time to create an exceptional Propbase Demo. This powerful demonstration showcases the innovative features and capabilities of our platform, providing a glimpse into the future of real estate investment.

Signed Major Real Estate Development Project: We are thrilled to announce the signing of our first major real estate development project, managed by renowned Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. This remarkable partnership involves a total asset value of 140 million USD, marking a significant milestone in our mission to transform the real estate industry.

Growth in Marketing, Social Channels, and Partnership Development: In the realm of marketing, we have witnessed substantial growth in our reach and engagement, with 2,600+ Investor Inquiries in H1 2023, and an untapped database of over 280,000 to date. 

Propbase Demo Generates Massive Interest with over 100+ Organic Sign Ups for Beta Testing in June

Our momentum is soaring as we celebrate 100+ signups and testing for the propbase demo, as we gear up for full platform launch in Q4 2023 to onboard over 2,600+ users looking to access resilient real estate investments through fractional ownership. 

Here's a glimpse of our achievements so far:

Dedication to Development: We have devoted over 2,000 hours of development to ensure the excellence of our platform.

Expanding Product Lineup: We are actively working on three distinct products at different stages of development: the Tokenization Issuance Module, the Marketplace DApp, and the Rewards Protocol. Each of these products is designed to revolutionize the real estate industry and enhance user experience.

Future-Forward Roadmap: In addition to our current modules, we have six more groundbreaking modules in the pipeline. These upcoming modules will further strengthen our platform and provide innovative solutions for real estate investment and offer features such as liquidity pools, secondary market trading, and enhanced security.

Anticipated Full Platform Launch: We are eagerly preparing for the full platform launch scheduled for Q4 2023. This milestone will mark the culmination of our hard work, bringing our comprehensive and user-friendly platform to the market.

With these accomplishments, we are solidifying our position as a leading force in transforming the real estate landscape. The future holds exciting possibilities as we continue to innovate and deliver unprecedented value to our users.

Propbase Shines Spotlight on #RWA (Real World Assets) with 10+ Engaging Events in H1 2023

Throughout the first half of 2023, we made a significant impact by actively engaging with the community and industry through a series of successful events. Here are the highlights:

Conferences: We hosted over 10 informative Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, providing a platform for open dialogue and answering community questions. Additionally, we actively participated in prominent blockchain conferences, where we shared our expertise and insights with a wider audience.

Spotlight AMA Events: We organized and participated in spotlight events that played a vital role in amplifying the growing narrative of Real World Assets (#RWA). These events helped shed light on the importance and potential of real-world asset tokenization within the blockchain industry.

By actively participating in these events, we contributed to the ongoing conversations surrounding real-world assets and their integration into the blockchain ecosystem. Our commitment to education, engagement, and thought leadership underscores our dedication to advancing the adoption of tokenized assets and promoting their benefits for a broader audience.

Propbase's Social Channels Experience Impressive Growth, Attracting #RWA Industry Experts and Strong Engagement

Our social media channels have grown significantly with consistent daily engagement and having a fast response on community questions inquiries and more. Our telegram has reached over 4,200 members and twitter actively surpasses 7,000 followers with strong engagement. We have also drawn the attention of famous #RWA influencers who are providing thought leadership in the space. 

Propbase Leadership Team Prepares for Exciting H2 2023, Invites Community to Upcoming IDO on July 10th at APlaunch.com

The Propbase leadership team is thrilled to embark on a dynamic and action-packed second half of 2023. With a clear vision and strategic roadmap, we are poised to make significant strides in transforming the real estate industry.