Our Tech

A game changing design

Cutting edge technology designed to make property ownership accessible to everyone through tokenization of property, all while complying with legal and regulatory frameworks.


Tokenized property is simpler to transact between parties and fractional ownership allows for a lower level of entry from market participants.


All data is secured on an open source distributed ledger to provide transparency to the property transaction problem, encrypted by asymmetric private and public keys.

Smart Contracts

Building on the Aptos blockchain, the Propbase registry utilized smart contracts written in Move. Each smart contract is designed specific to the task required to execute in the property transaction process.

Globally uniform

Propbase standardizes data sets creating a uniform metric for global property transactions, driving efficiency in transactions of property ownernship.


Propbase provides military grade encryption accessed by providing private and public keys, utilizing Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) format keeping ownership secured.

API functionality

Propbase will provide API's for third party integration. The standardized API libraries intend to allow additional parties to interact directly with the propbase registry.

Internation Property File storage
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The Platform

A web3 modularized transaction platform designed to streamline and eliminate unneccessary fees, reduce time to transact, and provide verifiable order confirmation on a public ledger. The platform has three simple modules that revolutionize the industry today; A P2P transaction marketplace, a public registry for all transactions, and a secure wallet for receiving and accepting funds.


The Registry

A global blockchain registry that records the entire transaction process uploaded to a decentralized ledger utilizing smart contracts and is compatible with markets in South East Asia, MENA, Australia, EU, and US. Every consumer transaction through our platform of tokenized property is recorded, immutable, and compliant with regulatory and legal frameworks in the respective region of which the assets are located.


The Token

The native utility token is called Props and serves as a uniform method of settlement for interaction with Propbase smart contracts. Props are also utilized through a rewards protocol designed to bring new users to the platform.

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