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Welcome to the future of real estate investing

Start with as little as $100 and get in on the ground floor of high quality, resilient real estate assets, with fractional ownership.

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Our tech

Built on Aptos

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Propbase is a highly scalable, fast, and secure blockchain based tokenized property transaction platform. Built using the most advanced technology, transforming property into a modern liquid asset class.

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IPFS Distributed Web

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a distributed file storage protocol that allows computers all over the globe to store and serve files as part of a giant peer-to-peer network.

Aptos Blockchain

The industry's only scalable layer-1 proof of stake blockchain that has the highest transaction per second (TPS), with close to zero fees, instant throughput, and its own smart contract language, Move.

Layer Zero

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol that connects blockchains (50+ and counting), allowing developers to build seamless omnichain applications, tokens, and experiences.

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Our product

A next-gen property investing experience

Propbase Diversify Your Portfolio

Fractional ownership

Every property is tokenized and you can purchase all or a fraction of the total property.

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Earn rental yield

Every property comes with a guaranteed rental income locked in for a set period of time.

Qualified properties

All properties are qualified assets with management companies.

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P2P marketplace

Sell your tokens anytime by creating a listing on our P2P marketplace.

Our customers

Our app is great for individuals, enterprise, and funds

Whether you're an individual, enterprise, or fund, Propbase is your solution for building a real estate portfolio, that meets your requirements.

for Individuals

Propbase makes property investing accessible to everyone. Get the same opportunities as large investment funds and tap the benefits they have enjoyed for years.

for Enterprise

Diversify and safeguard your enterprise's balance sheet against inflation with a globally diversified real estate investment portfolio, while enjoying the added benefit of liquidity.

For Funds - Build a high performance real estate investment portfolio with Propbase, diversify your investment and reduce your risk

for Funds

Build a high performance portfolio in some of the best and fastest growing locations in the world, your global reach has never been this perfect.


Your portfolio is powered by high quality, resilient real estate assets

Here are some of the property types we bring to the platform. Propbase has a geographical focus in South East Asia. Properties listed on the platform are newly built and managed by professional property services companies, so you never have the head ache of dealing with a tenant or property maintenance.


Residential real estate assets perform better in an economic downturn. No matter what, housing is always in demand.

Condo launches

Condo investment has always been the safest way to get in on the ground floor of premium residential real estate projects by reputable property developers.


Enjoy the same returns earned by investment funds, now you have access to the same opportunities.


A powerful transformation in property transactions

A fast, secure, and seamless tokenized property transaction platform positioned to become the global brand name for the future of real estate investment!

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White Paper

What propbase is, how it is designed, legal and technical framework.

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Detailed description of key milestones for product, design, and launch.

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