How it works

Fractional ownership in high quality properties

Propbase is a marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together, we do not buy the properties and sell them on our platform. Instead, we seek out premium real estate investments with attractive returns at great prices. Each property listed on our platform goes through a six step process before being traded by users, in line with all legal and regulatory frameworks.

Step 1

Application & Due Diligence

Seller applies for listing application and due diligence is undertaken for valuation, ownership verification, and rental demand.

Step 2


The asset is placed in a LLC with supporting documentation and audited by a third party, all documents can be verified on the public blockchain Propbase Registry.

Step 3

Live Property Auction

The property auction launches on the Propbase platform for a limited period of time and available for investment.

Step 4

Funding Target Reached

The Property has successfully reached its funding target. The LLC transfer is complete.

Step 5

Token Distribution

Tokenized shares of the properties underlying asset value are distributed to participants in the property auction.

Step 6

Trading Enabled

Users can create listing and sell their tokens or earn passive daily rental income. Buyers incur zero fees and the seller fee is 1%.

How to Invest

Get in on the ground floor, with funding auctions for all new listings on Propbase

New properties listed on the platform, first have a listing auction with a targeted funding requirement. After the auction has been completed users can freely trade on our game changing P2P Marketplace, through an orderbook system.

1. Select a property

Browse our choice of qualified properties and find a property that matches your investment portfolio.

2. Purchase your tokens

You can purchase property tokens directly from your smart phone. The tokens represent the underlying asset value, which is securely stored in a LLC.

3. Verify on blockchain

Want to see your purchase on the blockchain registry? Check out a record of the transaction on our game changing public title registry.

Property Details

Everything you need to make an informed investment decision

All Propbase properties listed on the platform have gone through a extensive due diligence process, and all information related to the properties is provided directly within the app, we also recommend checking out other sources such as website portals, agency websites, so you can make the best investment decisions.

1. Property Specifications

See all the specific information about the property listing. You can also view information about the real estate development, check out the developer website, and more.

2. Images & Video

View images of the property unit, video tours, and future platforms enhancements will include virtual tours.

3. Legal Documents

Verify all legal documents, securely stored on the blockchain. Title deed, LLC registration, management contract, purchase contract.


Your portfolio is powered by high quality, resilient real estate assets

Here are some of the property types we bring to the platform. Real estate is less risky than the stock market and digital assets. Propbase provides a safe form of investment during market volatility for you to have comfort and continue building your net worth.


Residential real estate assets perform better in an economic downturn. No matter what, housing is always in demand.

Condo launches

Condo investment has always been the safest way to get in on the ground floor of premium residential real estate projects by reputable property developers.


Enjoy the same returns earned by investment funds, now you have access to the same opportunities.

Our Expertise

Qualified properties in the best destinations

Propbase's team of industry experts seek out the best possible properties, using research driven analysis, backed by a data driven approach. Only quality properties are listed on the platform that meet regulatory and legal framework.

Our properties offer the benefits of monthly rental cash flow and long term asset appreciation. All income generating properties are backed by guaranteed leasing returns offered by property management companies for a fixed period of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Propbase?

Propbase is a blockchain based tokenized property transaction marketplace for investment properties headquartered in South East Asia. Built on the Aptos blockchain with low fees, security, and instant throughput in mind.

What are the benefits of Propbase?

We bring tokenized properties to the world, allowing users of all types to purchase fractional tokens of property assets directly on the platform. All property purchases can be verified on the Propbase registry and all legal framework and due diligence has been completed by our in-house experts and external audits.

We elimiate fees, processing times, and barriers to entry, transforming property investment to be accessible to everyone.

How do I get started?

You couldn't be earlier! Sign up and register with us today. You can buy PROPS on and exchange and stake on Propbase Yield. Also, Our real estate investment platform, Propbase NEXUS, is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor and watch us grow. Join our community and get involved, spreading the word. Help us bring Propbase to the world and lets transform the industry together!

How do I buy and sell?

Browse our marketplace and buy tokens in a new property listed on our platform or on our P2P marketplace. All purchases are processed instantly and you can verify every record transparently on the blockchain. To sell your tokens, simply create a listing on our platform and sell within minutes to other Propbase users around the world!

Take control of your investments. Join us now.