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Buying $PROPS Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide

PROPS has achieved remarkable momentum driven by a results oriented approach, a powerhouse team, amazing community, and cutting edge real world tokenization platform in SE Asia.

PROPS (Propbase) Token Contract Address: 0xe50684a338db732d8fb8a3ac71c4b8633878bd0193bca5de2ebc852a83b35099::propbase_coin::PROPS

Experience the future of real estate investment with our newly launched platform, set to roll out staking features in February and full-scale launch in Q3 2024!

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PROPS Tracking Hub

Propbase Track PROPS' growth and traction seamlessly across leading platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and DEXTools. For real time comprehensive market insights, stay informed and make confident PROPS moves.


Your go to source for real time cryptocurrency data, market insights, and tracking latest trends for PROPS token.

PROPS on Coin Gecko

The Uncover the pulse of the PROPS token, live price, and indepth analysis of PROPS including our rank and trending in RWA.

PROPS on DexScreener

The essential toolkit for decentralized trading, providing real time on chain analytics and insights for PROPS.

Centralized Trading


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A Quick 4-Step Guide to buy PROPS on PancakeSwap

Enter the PROPS (PROPBASE) Token Contract Address in your Aptos wallet: 0xe50684a338db732d8fb8a3ac71c4b8633878bd0193bca5de2ebc852a83b35099::propbase_coin::PROPS  

Select APTOS Network on Pancake

Choose the Aptos network within pancake swap interface toand have APT in your wallet for blockchain fees.

Add the PROPS Token Contract

EvInput the PROPS contract address above to enable interaction with the PROPS on PancakSwap.

PROPS / USDT (layer zero)

All properties The trading pair is USDT (Layer Zero) only and transaction fees are less than $0.01 cent.

Confirm PROPS swap & buy

Verify & Authorize the swap ensuring a successful purchase and view your transaction on the Aptos blockchain explorer.

Aptos Wallets

Give your portfolio some $Props

We are a high quality IDO, backed by a world-class team, and a project with real-world utility, building on the Aptos blockchain. Be early and get in on the ground floor!

Pontem Wallet

Pontem Wallet, 500k unique users, and features a built in DEX, LiquidSwap, offering seamless trading.

Petra Wallet

Built by Aptos Labs, Petra wallet is your trusted and user friendly Aptos ecosystem wallet for secure transactions and custody.

Martian Wallet

Martian Wallet, renown for its interactive portfolio managment, one of the most popular wallets in the Aptos Ecosystem.


Propbase, powered by $Props

The Props token is designed to power the entire Propbase platform and allocations have been intelligently designed to reach global demand and scale fast.

Props Token Logo

Supply 1.2 Billion

The supply is fixed, new tokens cannot be minted, and all token allocations are issued via smart contracts upon TGE.

IDO allocation

An amount of 20% of the total supply is allocated to a crowd based IDO upon TGE.

Lock ups

Company, Foundation, and Seed allocations have a tiered lock up of up to 60 months and ensure long term success.

Propbase Earn Income or Sell

Aptos Blockchain

Built on Aptos with low fees, instant throughput, and security in mind.

Token Audit

$Props, Top 10% of all Certik Audits

Propbase, achieve one of the highest security scores given by Certik of any pre-launch project, showcases exceptional code security, community trust, operational resilience poised for growth, and fundamental health in its security audit highlights!

Code Security

The Props security audit reveals outstanding results, with code security surpassing 90.43, in top percentile.

Community Trust

Props excels with exceptional management practices, earning a high score in transparency and trust.

Fundamental Health

Exceptionally strong, stable, and robust foundation , verified leadership team and strong technical implementation.

Operational Resilience

Propbase demonstrates strong operational deployments, a quality set to further enhance upon full platform launch..


Frequently Asked Questions

Join the community and get involved today! For more information related to partnerships and business related inquiries please contatct us through

Can I stake PROPS to EARN PROPS?

Absolutely! Investors will have the opportunity to stake their PROPS and receive daily rewards in PROPS. Coming SOON!!!. Propbase has developed an advanced and secure staking application featuring individual staking pools with fixed durations, pool caps, and specific APY. Participants retain the flexibility to unstake at any point, with an additional fee.

When is the anticipated launch date for the Propbase Platform?

The Propbase Real Estate Tokenization Platform is set to launch in Q3 2024, aligning with our near-term roadmap and surpassing initial development expectations. Propbase has already secured a robust portfolio of properties for tokenization and has a strong pipeline of partnerships with global brands and reputable real estate developers.

On which decentralized exchanges can I buy PROPS?

Our official Investors can buy PROPS through PancakeSwap and Liquidswap. For enhanced security, Aptos Petra and Pontem Wallets offer ledger cold wallet integration, ensuring a safe storage solution.

Is PROPS planning to list on more exchanges?

PROPS successfully listed in November 2023, and our strategic roadmap prioritizes the expansion of the PROPS Token Economy, with centralized exchange listings taking highest priority. Paired with our influential Propbase Spark Marketing Campaign, this trajectory positions PROPS and Propbase to realize our vision of becoming the largest and most recognized real estate tokenization platform in South East Asia.

What advantages come with holding PROPS?

Retail Investors who hold PROPS now will benefit by purchasing at the early market cap price as PROPS begins to build a token economy across multiple exchanges and attracts a larger audience. Early participants can participate in our first staking incentives, prepare for membership tiers, and join our early access Program. Currently a micro cap, PROPS boast a strong team, unique value proposition in the RWA space, proven track records, and considerable momentum heading into 2024.

What role does PROPS play in the Propbase Platform?

PROPS, as the native utility Token, powers the entire Propbase Ecosystem and serves as a uniform method of settlement for all smart contract interactions, all property transactions fees, and access to new listings. These 3 core pillars of utility are the essential component in facilitating seamless and efficient operations across the Propbase platform.