Our team

About Propbase

We are experts in blockchain innovation, Web3, SAAS based products, and global online marketplaces. Our team has a proven track record for building successful tech platforms worldwide and disrupting the real estate industry since 2012.

Our values

The values that shape everything we do


We give purpose through performance. We are a performance driven organization that forecasts and targets key performance metrics on a company, team, and individual level.


We adapt quickly and innovate even quicker, we are not afraid to fail and try new concepts. The real estate industry is ripe for disruption.

High Velocity Growth

Fast scaling and quantifiable platform growth is our path to become a global household brand name and top of mind for proptech innovation.

Awesome Team

Building a great team starts with the leaders, our expertise is building fantastic, good morale, and high performance teams.

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Fight for Consumers

At our core, we fundamentally believe everyone should have access to property investment and that is the focal point of our community, organization, and how our products are designed.

We like to Win

Our culture is to drive a winning mentality and an attitude to overcome adversity from any direction. Building innovative tech isn't easy but our mission is to deliver for our customers and for our community.

Our story

The story behind how our company was founded

The propbase founding team has had a painful experience investing in property. Why was it so slow? Why was it out of reach for so many? So when we decided to be Proptech innovators and solve these problems. We realized the future of real estate could be different, accessible to all, and through blockhain and smart contract technology, property could be tokenized effectively leading to fast and frictionless transactions and fractional ownership. Through transformation of the ownership structure came Propbase, the fastest and most transparent form of property investment today, while complying with all legal and regulatory framework.

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Our mission

We're laying the foundations, to make property ownership accessible to everyone

Propbase is designed to provide much needed infrastructure to modern real estate transactions and ownership structure, all while complying with the legal and regulatory framework. Our customers now have access to the most valuable and attractive asset class in the world, to build a future for generations to come. No longer is property investment reserved for the few. We are bringing the greatest asset class to the masses and making it affordable for everyone.


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