Jun 3, 2024

Propbase Monthly Development Summary - May 2024

The latest on Propbase Product Development and Updates

Propbase Monthly Development Summary - May 2024

Check out the lastest in Propbase Product Development - May 2024

During the month of May, the Propbase team focused on deploying Propbase NEXUS to testnet and conducted large community driven Beta Testing initiatives, with over 200+ signups and identified approximately 60+ enhancements and minor UI/UX improvements. 

A strong focus is on security by updating the interface, adding new 2FA, OTP, and more direct on-chain security features. We addressed minor bugs in both Yield and Nexus apps to ensure a smooth experience, with Propbase Yield having a 99.99% uptime and accessibility. 

New features are continuously being added to ensure all products meet users' needs and expectations. 

Now with NEXUS V1 nearly complete, we are pivoting our efforts on the PROPS bridge to EVM and secondary marketplace, while preparing for Mainnet launch in June 2024, and continued enhancements to Propbase Yield on staking contracts, user dashboard, and governance features adding new utility for PROPS token holders. 

Outside of our technical roadmap Propbase has built and deployed a intelligence tracking dashboard for all growth metrics across PROPS token onchain activity, Propbase Yield, and Propbase NEXUS for performance based scaling.

Detailed Development Summary is listed below:

Front-End (FE) Updates:

Propbase Yield:

We developed and integrated new UI elements for Yield, providing users with additional information about their stakes. This enhancement is designed to offer a more comprehensive view of their investments.

Post-release of multiple pools, we conducted thorough bug fixes and incorporated user feedback to ensure the platform operates smoothly and meets user expectations.

Propbase Nexus:

Several UI layouts have been updated and redesigned, particularly for property details , portfolios, dashboard, buy PROPS modal alongside addressing some button issues to enhance user ease and navigation.

Errors in the display of rewards and on the property details page have been resolved, ensuring users receive accurate information.

A "sold out" banner has been integrated for properties that have reached their capacity, providing clear status updates.

Users are now prompted to accept the website terms and conditions, enhancing compliance and user agreement.

We have integrated a KYC widget to streamline the user verification Process.

Implemented KYC status updates and state management, linking these to the user management system for admin oversight.

The login flow and UI have been streamlined for a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

User Identification Numbers (UIDs) are now displayed, adding an extra layer of transparency and user tracking.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) activation and deactivation options have been added, allowing users to enhance their account security.

Admin Dashboard for tracking key metrics

Back-End (BE) Updates:

Propbase Yield:

Fixed the transaction failed error that occurred during reward collection for some users on outdated browsers, ensuring now all users can collect their rewards without issues.

Provided support to the front-end team for bug fixes and incorporated community feedback to improve the overall user experience.

Propbase Nexus:

Completed back-end and API work related to KYC, including third-party API integrations, webhook payload validations, and single-user verifications, to ensure a secure KYC process.

Ongoing development of email notifications for different milestones in property purchases to keep users informed at each step.

Strengthened and updated front-end and API data consistency, ensuring seamless integration and reliable data flow.

Enabled multiple vesting schedules for properties, providing flexibility in token release schedules.

Automatic Verification of users bypassing KYC from Dapp.

Fixed various bugs related to token purchases, ensuring a smoother transaction process for users.

Developed an API to track the total user count after signup, providing accurate user statistics.

Corrected errors related to funding target and sold-out percentages, ensuring accurate display of property status.

Completed community feedback updates, which will be released soon to address user suggestions and improve the platform.

Initiated research and development for chatbot support, aiming to enhance user support through automated assistance.

Provided API support to display new graph data in the dashboard, offering users more detailed insights.

Added new PROPS trading links to increase user options to purchase PROPS.

Full API integration for Admin Intelligence Dashboard.

Blockchain Updates:

Propbase Yield:

Testing Liquidity pool contracts 

Streamlined Moralis API’s for quick real-time syncing of updates on the front end interface for users.

Testing PROPS Vesting Tracker and key metrics for allocation unlocks, for added transparency.

Propbase Nexus:

Implemented a mechanism to blacklist KYC-bypassed users and store their details in resources, preventing blacklisted users from invoking any functions.

Updated token conditions during transfer, allowing admins to block token transfers; negative scenario testing and QA testing are in progress.

Fixed and tested the Martian wallet transfer error to ensure seamless transactions.

Documentation, including ReadMe files, miscellaneous mainnet preparations, architecture diagrams, and project diagrams, is in progress to provide comprehensive user support.

Added error messages for attempts to claim rewards before the scheduled time, ensuring users adhere to the proper timelines.

Implemented validation to check USDT balance during whitelist round purchases, preventing transactions without sufficient funds.

Ongoing discussions and research on bridging PROPS to EVM chains, exploring third-party supports and testing various scenarios to ensure seamless integration and interoperability.

Provided early access feedback update support for Nexus, addressing user feedback to improve the platform before broader release.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our product updates. Propbase consistently provided Monthly Product Development Summaries and Bi-Weekly AMA's for major ongoing initiatives.