Mar 4, 2024

Propbase Development Update 2024: #4

Propbase Development Update: Explore the latest strides in Propbase's technological evolution with our comprehensive development update

Propbase Development Update 2024: #4

Development Summary

We #Buidl (Feb 16th - March 1st 2024)

During the period from Feb 16 to Mar 1, the development focus has predominantly shifted to Nexus, with minor bug fixes and user feedback updates in the Frontend and UI being the primary activities for the Yield application along with the ongoing testing of the newly implemented updates.

Propbase Yield: Stake PROPS, Earn PROPS on our Staking Platform for passive income.

The platform has successfully transitioned to the mainnet, and the staking feature is now accessible to the public. With 8 Staking pools successfully launch and a total of 28% of total circulating supply staked

Front End (FE) Updates:

Propbase Yield:

  • Banner Image is changed in the Yield homepage to represent the Audits.
  • Percentage of circulating supply logic has been updated.
  • My Stakes page listing count has been updated to display a maximum of 10 items.
  • Horizontal Nav bar behavior is updated such that it automatically gets hidden when the user scrolls down.
  • Mobile responsiveness bugs are fixed.
  • 2FA UI and function implementation is complete.

Propbase Nexus:

  • Completed UI and API integrations to display additional information such as membership tier, PROPS data, Buy PROPS, and Connect wallet options in the Header. 
  • Martian wallet connection issue has been fixed.
  • Redirection to exchanges to purchase PROPS has been implemented.
  • Membership tier purchase page updates are ongoing, the purchase option, FE is completed, Claim and Withdraw features are in progress.
  • Ongoing updates to the membership tier purchase page, with the purchase option on the Front-End (FE) completed, and work continuing on the Claim and Withdraw features.
  • Completion of functionality enabling admins to view and create membership tiers, with ongoing work on editing features for created tiers.
  • FE support on blockchain integration during pool commit.

Back-End (BE) Updates:

Propbase Yield:

  • Updated the logic of the order of staking cards on the stake page, enhancing the user experience.
  • Completed the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for admin users, increasing platform security.
  • Implemented sync transactions for unstake and claim rewards, ensuring transaction integrity and accuracy.

Propbase Nexus:

  • Completed the development of APIs to display the Membership tier of the user in the header.
  • Successfully completed the functionalities for Membership purchase and creation.
  • Ongoing testing phase for membership withdraw API and cronjob, as well as claim functionality.
  • Completed APIs for listing and deletion of memberships, with ongoing work on the edit API.
  • In progress: token logic during the initial token minting process.

Blockchain Updates:

Hacken Audit tasks:

  • Completion of main tasks for the Hacken audit and now in the testing phase.
  • Documentation for the Hacken audit has been completed.
  • Addressing generic assertion errors encountered during testing.
  • Work in progress on code test coverage.

Propbase Nexus:

  • Successful implementation of retrieving details of rewards earned by each user.
  • Completion of blockchain functionality for adding and removing users from membership tiers.
  • Functionality during the Pool commit action has been completed.
  • Ready for testing phase: Functionality for claiming rewards every 3 months, ensuring timely reward distribution.
  • Successful implementation of topping up rewards for membership tiers by the admin.
  • Completion of membership creation functionalities, including CRUD operations for treasury, treasurer, and admin, and contract structuring for membership tiers.
  • In progress: Updating blockchain logic for configurations during a sale, sale start and end time.

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