Feb 3, 2024

Propbase Product Development Update #2

Propbase Development Update: Explore the latest strides in Propbase's technological evolution with our comprehensive development update

Propbase Product Development Update #2


Jan 15 - Feb 1

In the last two weeks, our development efforts have driven significant advancements across all the technologies for the Propbase Yield platform. Notable updates in React JS for Front-End, Node.js for Back-End, and crucial Blockchain developments have collectively shaped a more robust and user-friendly platform. For a detailed breakdown, refer to the specific updates listed below.


Updated Staking Page:

  • Introduced a new card layout for enhanced user-friendliness.
  • Added MegaPool Banner for improved visibility and engagement.

Passcode - Removed from Propbase Yield:

  • Removed passcode from Propbase Yield

Mainnet - Frontend Switch:

  • Successfully switched to the Mainnet in the frontend before the public stake release

Circulating Supply Update:

  • Provided users with accurate and updated information on the circulating supply of tokens.

Integrated New Pages in Propbase Yield:

  • Added Home and About $PROPS pages, enriching the overall user experience.
  • Users are set to land on the Home page by default.

Fixed Total Value Staked:

  • Resolved issues related to the total value staked, ensuring accurate calculations.

Active Tab Filter Enhancement:

  • Modified the active tab filter to display only active pools, streamlining user navigation.

Placeholder text:

  • Implemented placeholder text on hovering, providing additional guidance and interactivity.

Feedback & Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed feedback and performed bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more reliable platform.
  • Updated the staking policy
  • Added comas for all the numbers.


Passcode Removal Support:

  • Provided back-end support for the removal of passcode from Propbase Yield, ensuring seamless integration.

Total Supply for CMC:

  • Updated total supply information for CoinMarketCap (CMC), ensuring accurate and up-to-date data.

Total Circulating Supply for CMC:

  • Provided CMC with precise details on the total circulating supply of tokens for enhanced market transparency.

Missed Transactions Update (Swagger):

  • Addressed missed transactions through Swagger, offering production support and ensuring transaction accuracy.

Transaction Sync to Server:

  • Implemented synchronization of transactions to the server, enhancing data integrity and reliability.

Date Fixes in My Stakes Page:

  • Resolved date-related issues in the My Stakes page, ensuring accurate representation of stake information.
  • API for Active Stakes Contract Addresses
  • Created an API for retrieving all active stakes contract addresses, facilitating efficient data access.

Pagination Updates for Listings:

  • Improved paginations for listings, enhancing the user experience and making navigation more seamless.


Certik Audit Completion:

  • Completed Certik audit updates, ensuring the platform's security and compliance.

Mainnet Deployment - Staking App Yield:

  • Successfully deployed the Staking App Yield contract on the Mainnet and configured it for a pool.

PROPS Coin Logo in Pontem:

  • Integrated PROPS coin logo in Pontem, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

Automated Supply Updates for CMC and CoinGecko:

  • Automated circulating supply and total supply updates for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, ensuring real-time data accuracy.

Automated Transaction Syncing in Staking App Yield:

  • Implemented automated syncing of transactions in the Staking App Yield, ensuring timely and accurate data updates.

Nexus App Discussions:

  • Engaged in discussions for the Propbase Nexus app, covering membership tiers, property token sales, and distribution strategies.

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