Sep 2, 2023

Propbase and ARG (Azure Rich Group) Announce Groundbreaking Asset Tokenization Partnership for $140 Million Nebu World Project in Thailand

Landmark Asset Tokenization Partnership between Propbase and ARG (Azure Rich Group)

Propbase and ARG (Azure Rich Group) Announce Groundbreaking Asset Tokenization Partnership for $140 Million Nebu World Project in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand - 9/2/2023 - Today, Propbase and ARG (Azure Rich Group) are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the real estate investment landscape. This landmark collaboration centers around the tokenization of the prestigious Nebu World project, a 4-star 6-hotel development located in the breathtaking shores of Jomtien, Thailand.

Valued at an impressive $140 million USD, Nebu World Jomtien is set to redefine luxury hospitality, featuring over 950 keys across 65,000 square meters and managed under license by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

Propbase, the next-generation real estate investment marketplace, is dedicated to democratizing property ownership by offering fractional ownership opportunities starting from as low as $100.

Marc Tanner, Co-founder of ARG, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We chose Propbase as our strategic partner because of their innovative approach to real estate investment. Their user-friendly platform and commitment to expanding access to high-value assets align perfectly with our mission to provide diversified investment opportunities to our clients."

By joining forces with ARG, a prominent player in the property development industry, Propbase is poised to introduce a new era of investment possibilities in the real estate sector.

Kevin Goos, CEO of Propbase, emphasized the advantages of tokenizing commercial assets in the hospitality industry, stating, "Hotels and resorts are prime candidates for real estate tokenization due to their strong revenue potential and global appeal. Tokenization allows investors to participate in the hospitality industry without the barriers of traditional property ownership, enhancing liquidity and diversification."

Nebu World Project: Unlocking High Returns for Investors in Thailand's Flourishing Tourism Sector

This collaboration couldn't come at a more opportune time for the real estate industry in Thailand. The Nebu World project is set to capitalize on Thailand's flourishing tourism sector. 

The Nebu World project boasts attractive returns for both retail and institutional investors, without ever needing to manage a tenant or property maintenance.

Thailand Tourism Boom Spells Profit: Your Gateway to Premium Real Estate Tokenized Investments

The Ministry of Tourism in Thailand has projected a staggering increase in tourist arrivals, with projections exceeding 80 million by 2027. This influx of tourists is expected to drive demand for premium accommodations, making Nebu World an attractive investment opportunity.

Thailand's Thriving Tourism Industry Create Golden Opportunities for Real Estate Investors and Tokenization

Thailand further solidifies its position as a hotspot for investment with a 10-year average real estate asset appreciation rate of 5.5%, one of the highest in the region and globally.

Thailand Offers $1 Billion Tax Break: Fueling the Rise of Asset Tokenization

The nation's robust adoption of cryptocurrency is also a noteworthy factor. The Thai government recently announced a $1 billion USD tax break on all investment tokens, making it an attractive environment for asset tokenization.

Additionally, the newly elected Thai Prime Minister has unveiled plans for a $300 airdrop to every citizen of legal age, further stimulating the investment climate.

As Propbase and ARG embark on this transformative journey together, they aim to make luxury real estate investments more accessible to a global audience, leveraging the potential of blockchain technology to reshape the future of asset ownership.

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