Sep 8, 2023

Exciting Updates for Props IDO Round 2: Surpassing 100k Target and High-Yield Staking Program Unveiled!

A brief overview of some more great things happing for the Propbase Community

Exciting Updates for Props IDO Round 2: Surpassing 100k Target and High-Yield Staking Program Unveiled!

Dear Community 

Absolutely astounding news! Props IDO Round 2 is on the verge of surpassing the remarkable 100k target in a mere 48 hours. Such rapid progress is nothing short of extraordinary – a testament to the incredible support and enthusiasm of our community!

Round 2 Unlocking just got better!

Exciting news is on the horizon! In Round 2, we're shaking things up for the better. Say goodbye to the old 100% unlock on November 30th because we're introducing a game-changing adjustment. Now, participants can enjoy a 25% unlock on October 30th followed by an impressive 75% unlock on November 30th.

As we get closer to full platform launch, listing, and TGE, we want everyone to have some $PROPS 👍and this will be relayed for subsequent rounds as well. 

Early Platform Access: This change enables participants to access the platform in its final development stages, and set up your membership with $PROPS.

Community Requests: This adjustment is a direct response to requests from our community members, demonstrating our commitment to listening and catering to their needs.

Enhanced Participant Experience: By providing earlier access to a functioning platform, we aim to create a more positive and interactive experience for Round 2 participants.

Community-Centric Approach: This change reinforces our commitment to being a community-driven project and aligns with our values of inclusivity and responsiveness.

Strategic Improvement: The adjustment is part of a strategic plan to align the token distribution with the project's development milestones, optimizing the overall project timeline.

Increased Transparency: By openly communicating this change, we aim to maintain transparency and trust within our community. We also see this as a benefit for Round 2 participants. 

$PROPS YieldBoost - HIgh Yield Short Term Staking

Second piece of exciting news! As we gear up for the Token Generation Event (TGE), we're thrilled to announce that $PROPS will be unveiling a high-octane, short-term staking program for all participants. Brace yourselves for a ride like no other! The details of this electrifying staking opportunity will be revealed just three days before the TGE, so stay tuned.

Attractive Returns: High-yield staking typically offers significantly higher returns on investment compared to traditional savings accounts or low-risk investments. Participants can earn substantial rewards in a relatively short period.

Supporting the Project: Staking can demonstrate support for the project and its ecosystem. By participating in high-yield staking, individuals contribute to the growth and development of the $PROPS platform.

Lock-in Benefits: Short-term staking often comes with lock-up periods, which can deter impulsive decisions and encourage long-term commitment to the project.

Join us in Round 2 and give your portfolio some $PROPS and prepare to multiply and grow your holdings through our high yield staking offering for all participants.