Feb 18, 2024

Propbase Development Update 2024: #3

Propbase Development Update: Explore the latest strides in Propbase's technological evolution with our comprehensive development update

Propbase Development Update 2024: #3

Propbase Development Summary

Feb 1st - 15th 2024 WE #BuidL

In the last two weeks, our development efforts have driven significant advancements across all the technologies for the Propbase Yield and Propbase Nexus Phase 2. 

Notable updates in React JS for Front-End, Node.js for Back-End, and crucial Blockchain developments have collectively shaped a more robust and user-friendly platform. 

A more fine tuned Propbase Yield platform and also we have started the development for the Phase 2 of the Propbase Nexus platform. For a detailed breakdown, refer to the specific updates listed below.

Propbase Yield: Stake PROPS, Earn PROPS on our staking platform for passive income.

The platform has successfully transitioned to the mainnet, and the staking feature is now accessible to the public.

The response from users has been overwhelmingly positive with 20% of circulating supply staked in the last 2 weeks. And each launched pool filling within minutes. Kevin Goos CEO of Propbase👍👍👍 

Propbase Nexus: A blockchain crowdfunding real estate tokenization engine.

Our entire technical team has been actively involved in conducting thorough research and preparing comprehensive documents for the Propbase Nexus Phase 2 project. This involves three additional sprints (6 weeks) and roughly 1,200 hours more development time. 

Our aim is to deliver the most refined and user-friendly experience possible by identifying and documenting all the requirements tailored to the needs of this new phase of the platform. Sprint planning has been successfully concluded. The design works are completed and the development for our next Sprint has started.

Propbase 2024 Technical Roadmap:

We have successfully scoped and published a high level development roadmap for 2024, divided in 4 unique modular development plans all contributing to the growth of Propbase. 

Front-End (FE) Updates: 

Propbase Yield:

  • Meta app icon and share issues are resolved.
  • Completion of maintenance page updates.
  • Fixed API issues related to failed transactions, ensuring smooth transaction processing.
  • Addressed minor bugs and passed QA testing.
  • Mobile devices export option is fixed.

Propbase Nexus:

  • Nexus App Discussions: Engaged in discussions for the Propbase Nexus app Phase
  • In progress: Displaying additional details such as $PROPS data and tier details in the header section.
  • Ongoing integration of UI and API for displaying the Membership purchase page.
  • In progress: Membership management features including claims, withdrawals, creation, and deletion.

Back-End  (BE) Updates: 

Propbase Yield:

  • Fixed negative scenario issues in stake, unstake, reward claim, and principal claim functions.
  • Resolved percentage calculation issues during unstaking.
  • Implemented logic to prevent rewards from being added multiple times when editing a stake, maintaining data integrity.
  • Rectified stake card display issues for improved visual representation.
  • Ensured accurate calculation and display of staked earnings for users.
  • Resolved pool progress percentage calculation issues.

Propbase Nexus:

  • Engaged in discussions for the Propbase Nexus app Phase 2
  • In progress: Fetching real time $PROPS data from CoinMarketCap to be displayed in the header section.
  • Ongoing development of the membership tier purchase page, facilitating seamless membership purchase for users.
  • Ongoing tasks related to membership creation, listing, and deletion from the admin panel.
  • Initiated tasks for withdrawing from a membership and claiming rewards.
  • In progress: Initial Property tokens minting for a property and crediting a set amount of tokens to the admin token wallet. This is preparation for our Certik Security audit of asset-backed Property tokens.

Blockchain Updates: 

Propbase Yield:

  • Implemented support for pool creations and public start of the stake pools.
  • In process of completing secondary security audit of Propbase Yield staking contract with Hacken  👍👍👍

Propbase Nexus:

  • Engaged in discussions for the Propbase Nexus app Phase 2
  • Progressed on the development of a membership tier creation page for admins, involving membership contract structuring, CRUD operations for treasury, treasurer, and admin, as well as CRUD test initialization and test-case structuring.
  • In progress: Development of the claim rewards feature for users, providing users with the ability to claim rewards earned.
  • Completed making the sale hard cap same as the maximum sale token limit.
  • Completed the initial minting of token functionality.
  • Integrated Props coin logos for wallets and decentralized exchanges (DEX), specifically for Pontem, Petra and Pancake swap.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates through out bi-weekly product development updates!